Submit a Proposal

Submit a Signal Proposal


In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of creating and submitting a Signal Proposal to your DAO.

Accessing Proposals

  1. Navigate to the Proposals tab on your primary DAO page in the navigation bar.


  1. Click on the New Proposal button.


A modal will pop up displaying various proposal types.

Choose Proposal Type

Under the Basics tab, you will see options like:

  • Signal Request
  • DAO Token Request
  • DAO Token Swap

For more information consult the Proposals section of our DAOhaus User Guide.

  1. For this tutorial, select the Signal Request proposal.


Proposal Creation Screen

You'll be directed to the proposal creation screen.


  1. Fill in the following form fields:
  • Title: Displayed on the card in the proposal queue.
  • Description: Describe the proposal details. For a signal proposal, describe the issue for members to vote their sentiment on.
  • Link: Provide any supplemental or supporting information.
  • Expiration Date: If desired, check the box to add an expiration date.

This will activate an additional field to set an expiration time interval. The proposal will close after this time.


Submitting Your Proposal

  1. After filling out the necessary fields, click the Submit button.

This action will request a signature from your wallet.

  1. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

A toast notification will appear, confirming the proposal creation or indicating a failure.

Reviewing Your Proposal

Post-submission, you will be redirected to the proposal queue for your DAO.

Here, a card will represent the main information of the proposal:

  • Proposal number
  • Proposal type
  • Submission date and time
  • Title and description
  • Current status (e.g., requires sponsorship, open for voting, or closed)

If the proposal is open for voting, you have the option to click the "no" or "yes" buttons to vote.

The total number of member votes for this proposal is displayed.

At the bottom, you'll see the member information of the individual who submitted the proposal. If you're the submitter, your address or ENS name will be displayed.


Congratulations on successfully submitting a proposal! Explore various proposal types to empower your community for better on-chain coordination.