Admin App


Admin App (opens in a new tab) is your central hub for operating and engaging with your DAOs.

Here's a brief overview of the key sections:

  • Hub is your entry point for all the DAOs to which you belong. You can see a broad view of all your organizations from this location.
  • DAO provides information about a specific organization you select. Use it to get an overview and insights about individual DAOs.
  • Proposals are a comprehensive list of all proposals submitted by a specific DAO. This section keeps you updated on the latest proposals and provides a history of decisions made in your orgnization.
  • Safes is a your entry point to the main DAO treasury and any additional Gnosis Safes that have been added to your organization.
  • Members presents a list of all members in this organization. It's your go-to directory to view all the members contributing to a DAO.
  • Settings provides access to metadata, contracts, and configuration settings for the organization. This is where you tweak the settings to align with the DAO's requirements.
  • Profile is your Member Profile in this organization. Use it as an overview of your personal details within the DAO.