There is not currently an official HausBOT providing DAO proposal notifications in Discord. If you are interested in building one hit us up and we would love to provide support.

HAL (opens in a new tab)

The current recommended integration for Discord and Telegram is HAL. Their free plan provides 3 active notifications and 300 matches per month. There are also paid plans.

To get notifications set-up for your DAO:

  1. Choose a trigger:
  • Scroll down to the Blockchain options
  • Select Track Events


  1. Configure trigger:
  • Select Network your DAO is on. (Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis, Arbitrum, Goerli)
  • Paste Contract Address from your DAO Settings page. (Contracts > Moloch v3)
  • Contract ABI will be fetched automatically
  • Select Contract Event by choosing the function to create the notication for. (Consider: SubmitProposal, SubmitVote, Ragequit)


  1. Choose an action:
  • Discord


  1. Configure action:
  • Paste Discord Webhook URL (Server Settings > Integrations > Webhooks)
  • Customize message


  1. Create Notification
  • Enter Notification Name
  • Click Create Notification