The Settings page presents a comprehensive view of your DAO metadata, contract details, and key settings.


Metadata provides basic information about the DAO, including:


  • Icon: The visual representation of the DAO.
  • DAO Name: The official name of the DAO.
  • Summon Date: The date the DAO contracts were deployed.
  • Description: A brief summary of the DAO and its functions.
  • Links: The DAO's social media or other relevant links.

The Update Settings button allows DAO members to change this information without requiring a proposal.


This section lists the contract addresses associated with the DAO:


  • Moloch v3: The main contract governing the DAO.
  • Gnosis Safe (Treasury): The contract managing the DAO's treasury.
  • Voting Token: The contract address of the DAO's voting token.
  • Non-Voting Token: The contract address of the DAO's non-voting token.

Governance Settings

The following settings can be modified with the Update DAO Settings button to create an Update Governance Settings proposal:


  • Voting Period: Length of time for voting on proposals.
  • Grace Period: Length of time members are allowed to ragequit after the voting period ends.
  • New Offering: Amount of native tokens required for proposal submissions.
  • Quorum: Minimum percentage of voting tokens required to vote 'yes' for a proposal to pass.
  • Minimum Retention: Percentage of DAO members (voting and non-voting stake) required to remain in the DAO after the grace period. This setting auto-fails a proposal if a significant portion of members exit before a proposal is processed.
  • Sponsor Threshold: Minimum number of shares needed to sponsor a proposal. If a proposal is submitted by a member with enough tokens to exceed the Sponsor Threshold the proposal is auto-sponsored.

DAO Tokens

Key information regarding the DAO's voting and non-voting tokens:


  • Total: The total supply of the DAO's tokens.
  • Symbol: The symbolic representation of each DAO's tokens.
  • Name: The official name of the DAO's tokens.
  • Transferability: Indicates whether the tokens are transferable or not.

The Update Token Settings button allows DAO members to create a proposal for changing transferability of voting or non-voting tokens.



The Manage button creates an Update Shaman Settings proposal allowing you to reduce permissions levels.