Member Profile

The Member Profile section offers insights into the data tied to wallets that hold shares in the DAO. The information displayed includes:


  • Address: Wallet, Lens handle, or Ethereum Name Service associated with the member address.
  • Join Date: The date member joined the DAO.
  • Power: Pecentage of influence in DAO decision-making processes.
  • Voting Tokens: The number of voting tokens the address holds.
  • Non-Voting Tokens: The number of non-voting tokens the address holds.
  • Total Exit Amount: Value the member would receive when leaving the DAO.

Additional details are also available:

  • Token: Names of the tokens held in the DAO Treasury.
  • Amount: Member percentage of each token type in the Treasury.
  • USD Value: The equivalent value of tokens in US dollars.

Upon clicking the vertical ellipsis, you are given the options to 'Delegate' your voting shares to another member or to 'Rage Quit' the DAO, effectively withdrawing your stake and exiting the organization.

The Share Profile button copies the URL of the Member Profile to your clipboard.