The Hub serves as your command center within the app, providing comprehensive control and an overview of your DAO interactions.

Here's what you can do in the Hub:

  • View Memberships: At a glance, see all the DAOs you're a part of.
  • Navigate Quickly: Jump easily between different DAOs.
  • Stay Updated: View badges for active proposals in your DAOs.
  • Search DAOs: Use keywords to find DAOs quickly and efficiently.
  • Filter DAOs: Filter DAOs by network or by delegation status.
  • Switch Views: Toggle between list and card view based on your preference.
  • Sort DAOs: Arrange DAOs by proposals, members, chronological order (newest or oldest), enhancing your browsing experience.

DAO Cards


Each DAO is represented by a card which includes:

  • Icon: The visual representation of the DAO.
  • Badge: Icon showing the count of ongoing proposals.
  • Members: See the number of participants.
  • Proposals: See the total number of proposals.
  • Voting Power: Know your influence in each organization.
  • Chain: Identify the blockchain network the DAO resides on.
  • Contract: Version of DAO contract.

Tap the Go button on a DAO Card to interact with the organization.