In the world of DAOs, a unique feature is having "Skin in the Game", which allows members to demonstrate commitment to the organization. This mechanism also serves as a deterrent against potential malicious actors. DAO membership is designed to be fluid and easy, with members having the freedom to exit at any time, unless they have a 'Yes' vote on an open proposal.

The Members page provides a comprehensive overview about the DAO's members, such as:

  • Token Holders: This indicates the total number of members holding the DAO's tokens.
  • Shamans: This shows the count of special admin members, also known as Shamans.
  • Voting Tokens: This displays the total number of voting tokens held by members.
  • Non-Voting Tokens: This indicates the total number of non-voting tokens held by members.


Member List

Each column in the Members List can be sorted in ascending and descending order.

Member Details

Each member's details are listed on this page, including:

  • Avatar: This is the visual representation of the member.
  • Address, Lens handle, or ENS Name: This is the wallet address, Lens handle, or Ethereum Name Service (ENS) name associated with the member address.
  • Dropdown: This menu allows you to view the member's profile, link to Etherscan, or copy their address.
  • Join Date: This is the date when the member joined the DAO.
  • Power: This shows the amount of voting power the member holds in the DAO.
  • Delegating To: This displays who the member has delegated their voting power to, if applicable.
  • Voting: This section shows the quantity of voting tokens.
  • Non-Voting: This section shows the quantity of non-voting tokens.

Additional Options

By clicking the vertical ellipsis on the far right, options are revealed to:

  • Delegate To: This option allows you to delegate your voting power to the selected member.
  • Guild Kick: This initiates a 'Remove Member' proposal, aiming to forcibly remove the member from the DAO.

Add Member

This button creates an DAO Token Request proposal requesting voting or non-voting tokens from the DAO.

My Profile

This button takes you to the Member Profile view of the connected wallet.